Meet Me at the Museum

Meet Me at the Museum

The Queensland Museum and Sciencentre, Brisbane, May 2014

Writer/Devisor/Director – The Anywhere Theatre Festival

This performance premiered at The Queensland Museum in May 2014. Audience members are each given a set of headphones through which they listen to a narrator. They follow the narrator’s story and are guided through the museum as scenes begin to unfold before them (performed by actors in the public space). The narrator takes the audience on a journey through the space and time: beginning with her first visit as a small child and finishing with her death. Prompted by the narrator, the audience engages with the relationship between science and nature whilst being transported into the enchanting and magical world of the museum and uncovering the secrets of the narrator and her death.

Meet Me at the Museum received some fantastic reviews and very positive feedback. Despite cancelling two of the weekday shows, three shows over the weekend sold out. To view footage taken from the performance including an interview with Nina BM and audience members, click here. 

This is what people are saying about Meet Me at the Museum.

“This was an extraordinary success on so many levels. As a piece of imaginative story-telling, it had the audience completely fooled; as an introduction, or re-introduction, to the glories of the museum, it kept even the children absorbed; and as a demonstration of exactly what creative theatre-making can do, it added yet another piece to the jigsaw of what the human spirit can achieve. Top marks for this one.”

Alison Cotes – Crikey

“powerful, emotive and thought-provoking…Meet Me at the Museum is proof that risking art outside of its ‘natural habitat’ is a risk in tradition and nothing more.”

Jodi Cleghorn – 1000 pieces of blue sky 

“This is one of those shows which has one thinking, talking and dissecting its content long after the piece has concluded.”

Douglass Kennedy – On Centre Stage

“The innovative way of telling the story helps to spark a new interest in the museum exhibits; the narrator’s instructions help focus the audience’s attention.”

Bobbie Lea Dionysius – Aussie Theatre

“The respect and awe with which she described the animals created a magical, enthralling atmosphere as I experienced this space for the first time…I can’t wait to go back.”

Cassandra Payca – Anywhere Theatre Festival

“Both adults and children alike will appreciate this creative adaptation of the traditional audio tour with actors creating a truly interactive experience.”

Bonnie Murcia Baguley – Anywhere Theatre Festival

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