The McClelland Sculpture Park – August 2014

It’s 2087. A lethal biological plague has forced the people of earth into orbit.

Jane has been sent to ground to document the artworks left behind and test their level of contamination. As night falls, Jane uncovers a secret that jeopardises not only her mission, but the fate of those in Orbit.

This performance extend’s Nina BM’s site-specific immersive theatre practice. The audience don headphones and an iPod and are taken on an audio guided tour of the McClelland sculpture park.

To watch the TRAILER click here.

FILM by Mitchell Whelan


“An ingenious combination of technology, nature, performance and art…This concept could really be an engaging way forward in theatre for a new generation of tech reliant kids.” Sarah – Anywhere Festival

“Following Nina along the inaugural Orbit trail I was transported to another time and place. Even though surrounded by my creature comforts of the Sculpture Park, Nina offered another reading of the works and natural surrounds and even more provocative, an alternate future! Lets hope there is still time to save Earth.” Lyn Johnson – Deputy Director – McClelland Sculpture Park.

“I loved feeling like I had been transported into my favourite kind of computer game, there was, as I say, a surreal aspect to everything, or a hyper-real feeling of being in more than one place for the hour of the show – both the here and now world, and Barry-Macaulay’s apocalyptic future; and I loved how, despite the apocalypse or because of it, art and beauty and human connection seem all to have taken on an importance that has maybe been misplaced or forgotten in 2014.” Adam Cass – Playwright

“Nina Barry-Macaulay’s Orbit is a visceral, immersive experience fusing technology, nature, performance and art to appeal to our innate desire for security, love, acceptance and belonging. Perfectly tailored to its surroundings, Orbit uses an impressive soundtrack to help us to “see” our world in a new way.” Alex McTavish – Director Anywhere Festival.


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