Serata del Futurismo – Italy

Italian Futurism

Serata del Futurismo

L’universita Ca’Foscari, Venice (Italy) June 2011


Beginning semester 2, 2010 through until the end of semester 1, 2011 Nina studied dramaturgy, theatre and literature studies at l’Università Ca’ Foscari, Venice, Italy. During this time she followed a subject on the dramaturgy of Italian Futurist movement. As an extension of this masters subject, Nina collaborated with fellow students to create the performance Serata del futurismo - ‘evening of futurism’.

Nina held a dramaturge/director role during the production. This involved translating and adapting vignettes from Italian into English as well as translating for the mise en scene. She was fortunate to work with Professor Paolo Puppa on this project and to study under his guidance at Ca’ Foscari.

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