Someone Like Thomas Banks

Premiere | Melbourne, 29 October 2015

Regional Victoria Tour late 2015 – 2016



A stage play based on the story of Thomas Banks

Written by Gayelene Carbis

Adapated by Nina Barry-Macaulay

Someone Like Thomas Banks tells the story of a young, gay male from regional Victoria, Thomas Banks, and his search for love. In addition to the regular challenges of navigating the dating scene, Thomas was born with cerebral palsy. The play, Someone Like Thomas Banks explores Thomas’ use of online communication, and an online identity, to establish relationships. It studies the complexities of the heart with the additional challenge of that meeting point between a flawless, playful online Thomas and the more confronting real life realities. This play discusses themes that are close to home, on many levels: We all face the challenges of piloting the online arena of our lives; and we often feel displaced when confronted with real people who have a different sexual orientation, and even more so, people with a disability. Someone Like Thomas Banks provides and eye-opening and delightful insight into the life story of Thomas Banks, a charming, intelligent, entertaining man with a remarkable story.

29 OCTOBER – 8 NOVEMBER | Forty Five Downstairs, Melbourne

Adult $40 / Concession $30

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