Sydney Audio Walking Guides

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Over March-April this year I have been collaborating on audio walking guides which explore the history and stories of Sydney suburbs Glebe and Balmain. Using scripts designed by local historians and societies, I recorded and produced the audio guiding tracks, which lead the listener on their walking tour, explaining and indicating points of interest along the way.


How does it work?

These tours run through the smartphone application,, a Dutch initiative and with a global network. Download the app onto your smart phone, plug in some headphones, and you are ready to go. Using the izi App, you can tour Paris, Berlin, or Balmain. The App will let you search by your location or key words. Once you have found the tour you’d like to do, you will see a map, like Google maps, with your journey route highlighted and numbered stops that dot the way. Walk to stop number one, and there you can press ‘Start tour’ and listen as the narrator gives you a guided tour. The audio will automatically play as you physically approach each new stop. Alternatively you can manually follow and press play at each location, meaning I can sample tours in Glebe, or Paris, from my lounge room in Cape Paterson


Glebe Walks – Click Here

Balmain Walk – Click Here

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