The Creative Generator – Platform at LaMama 2014

The Creative Generator

La Mama Courthouse, Melbourne, August 2014

Dramaturge – Platform Youth Theatre

Each year, Platform Youth Theatre, in partnership with La Mama Theatre, host a season of performances at The Carlton Courthouse. Nina began her involvement as Dramaturge on this season in 2013. The 2014 Platform at LaMama season takes a different form and journey to previous years. Previously the practice involved gathering groups and individuals with already established ideas and concepts, and working with each group separately to polish and develop those ideas for presentation at LaMama.

In 2014, the project moved from Platform at LaMama to The Creative Generator, a title which suggests the differences in this years practice. The 2014 process spanned a series of eleven weekend workshops held between March and August, leading to the three-week season at the courthouse. Participants came with nothing: a blank page, an empty stage. Collaboratively and individually they have devised and created a series of works which investigate and present all forms of theatre practice.

Nina worked alongside director and curator Adam Cass to facilitate these workshops. Together they introduced the collective to various forms of making and presenting performance. These forms covered both traditional and contemporary practice. For example, the group investigated site-specific theatre and workshopped performances that  used and inhabited a physical space as stimulus. Nina ran an object theatre workshop and the group explored puppetry through a presentation by Tim Denton (NZ). The group also explored linear and non linear narratives, experimented with different performer to audience ratio’s, investigated participatory audience engagement and more classical aspects of theatre such as catharsis and traditional storytelling.

Nina’s role as dramaturge involved facilitating workshops by running and devising activities, warm ups, and exercises. Nina worked closely with the curator Adam Cass and the artists. She assisted by challenging, questioning and probing their creative ideas and processes. Nina also assisted in curating the season and polishing and preparing the ideas for the performances in August.

For a full list of the participants, to read more about The Creative Generator and to book tickets, visit the Platform Youth Theatre website.

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