The Russian Woods – Belgium

The Russian Woods - Chto Delat

The Russian Woods

Beurshouwburg Theatre, Brussels (Belgium), March 2012


In 2012 I was involved in the workshopping of a Russian play, The Russian Woods, with Russian theatre group, Chto Delat. The piece was workshopped and performed at the Beursschouwburg theatre, Brussels as a part of the Sapare Aude (speaking and understanding) festival. I was involved in the collaborative workshops as dramaturge and performer. I worked closely with the English translation, suggesting linguistic and lexical adaptations for an audience who understood English as a second language. I made dramaturgical suggestions for changes to the text and mise en scene to aid the communication of the plays political ideas, which primarily related to Russia’s specific political situation. These changes made the play more intelligible to its Brussels audience. I also participated in physical collaboration of the piece and performed in the lead role of narrator. This workshop served to develop the piece for it’s Russian premier in St. Petersburg 2013. The Russian performance with English subtitles can be viewed here. 

Information on the Beursschouwburg showing can be found here.

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