My First Year as a Non-Student – What’s Ahead for 2015

Above: Presentation at CTM14 – The Art Gallery of New South Whales – November

Is it a good thing that I am the harshest critic of my own progress? I am leaving 2014 feeling disgruntled with my lot, and disappointed in my performance. It was much easier when I had an adjudicator giving me a mark that reflected my hard work and commitment: at the end of 2013 I had a 40,000 word thesis and first class honours from Melbourne University. At the end of this year, I have a job I’m not particularly excited about in the wrong industry, a car that’s dying and a bunch of unfinished scripts.


However, it’s moments like these we need Minties – as a warm reminder that there are always more uncomfortable situations to be in. And we need reflection, to remind ourselves of all the amazing things that have happened. It’s unfair but common that we remember the bad and forget the good.


In 2014 I devised and produced two shows in line with a new immersive, site-specific theatre practice I’ve developed. They were Meet Me at the Museum, The Queensland Museum and Sciencentre, Brisbane (May) and Orbit The McClelland Sculpture Park, Melbourne (August). I then presented this practice in front of delegates from world famous Galleries and Museums (Tate, MoMa, National History Museum, Louvre) at the Communicating the Museum Conference in Sydney, November (film above). These lead me to be quoted in Artshub twice in two weeks! Here and Here.


I was dramaturge on the Platform Creative Generator season at La Mama (Melbourne, July), meeting some inspiring creatives and honing my practical dramaturgy skills, taking my dramaturgy experience from the page to the stage. Shortly after, I secured my first paid contract as Dramaturge on a very exciting project – Someone Like Thomas Banks, which has an exciting trajectory for 2015-2016.


Aaahh, even the typing is therapeutic. In all, it was a good year. A great year. As my first year out of the university safety net, a remarkable year.


What about 2015? Well as I mentioned, I’m already busy working on Someone Like Thomas Banks with Platform Youth Theatre. I am crossing my fingers for a theatre/arts industry job. I have a bunch of venues to secure and approach and a heap of scripts to finish, and start. Though without much confirmation (yet), there will certainly be a bounty of projects undergone for 2015 – that at least is my promise to myself. Watch this space.


Much love to everyone and best wishes for the new year! May all your dreams and grant funding come through.


Communicating the Museum – Sydney NOV 2014 – Telling the audience to close their eyes and imagine…

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